This Side of the Fence


August 06, 2014

Interview, Music
About This Project

“This side of the Fence” showcases the local and regional talent of Thunder Bay and surrounding region. Artists of all genres including those exploring multimedia, spoken and written word and music will be interviewed in an informative manner.

Episode #1: Featuring Shelley Buffitt.

Episode #2: Featuring Mr. Freddy Upshaw.

Episode #3: Featuring Scott Van Teeffelen.

Episode #4: Featuring Jamie Labrador.

Episode #5: Special edition with JC Wilkinson performing his original music.

Episode #6: Featuring: Harley Curley, Nancy Freeborn, and Scott Freeborn from Morning Light.

Episode #7: Featuring Ira Johnson.

Episode #8: With special guests Tommy Horricks and Shelley Buffitt.

Episode #9: Featuring Jamie Labrador.

Episode #10: Featuring Sacha-Lee Cadieux.