Spirit Canoe


August 29, 2014

Culture, Discussion, Interview, Issues, News
About This Project

Spirit Canoe is a discussion based show that deals with Aboriginal issues.

Episode #1: A feature interview with law professor Karen Drake of Lakehead University discussing treaties.

Episode #2: A conversation with writer Joy Asham and educator Brenda Small discussing various issues around the subject of murdered and missing Aboriginal women. Also, Leslie Macgregor of Confederation College comes in with an update on the upcoming Aboriginal student orientation at Marina Park called Maadaadizi.

Episode #3: A conversation with writer Joy Asham and excerpts from the Maadaadizi student orientation featuring remarks by Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy and keynote speaker Wab Kinew.

Episode #4: A conversation with Cindy Crowe and Velda Megan of the Blue Sky Community Healing Centre.

Episode #5: A conversation with Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, Vice-Provost of Aboriginal Initiatives at Lakehead University discussing education then, now and tomorrow.

Episode #6: A conversation with members of the Walking with Our Sisters project: Diana Lidemark (volunteer coordinator), Louise Thomas (keeper) and Mel Legarde (traditional teacher).

Episode #7: A conversation with Rene Rees Boyer.

Episode #8: The second half of the Maadaadizi student orientation featuring remarks by keynote speaker Wab Kinew.

Episode #9: Folks from the Apiwin Lounge and Student Resource Centre at Confederation College: Darby Starratt, Chris Pace and Bobby Jo Chenier.

Episode #10: A conversation with Logan McIvor and Nigel Grimmer.

Episode #11: A conversation with Chief Georjann Morrisseau of Fort William First Nation and communications officer Kristy King.

Episode #12: A conversation with Professor Karen Drake of the Lakehead University Faculty of Law and students Adam Fiddler, Misbah Haque and Tanya Muthusamipillai.

Episode #13: A conversation with writers Joy Asham and Maureen Arges Nadin.